Alex Rosa

Alex Rosa director batucada barcelona ketubara

Alex Rosa is a percussionist and dancer from Salvador de Bahía, Brazil. Founder and director of the Ketubara project based since 2008 in Barcelona and since 2016 in Marseille, France (Ketubara 2).

He begins his musical career at the age of 10 in the Banda Eré, the school of the famous Afro-bloco Ilê Aiyê. Shortly afterwards he participated in the creation of the Banda Axé, a musical group belonging to the Project Axé. He began in the theater through the CRIA project in Salvador de Bahía, training in parallel with Afro dance, Orixás dance and contemporary dance with Augusto Omolú from the great Castro Alves Theater (of which he joined his dance section) and travels with Balé Mirim, Professional Dance Company.

He was part, along with Givaldo (Vado) Pereira and Patinho Axé Correia among others, of the group of percussionists that created the Cortejo Afro in the neighborhood of Pirajá (Salvador de Bahía).

Continuing in his career within Ilê Aiyê he became part of the Band’Aiye, professional stage training of the bloco with which he has participated in several international tours and has played with artists of the stature of Daniela Mercury, Carlinhos Brown, Gilberto Gil, etc. At the same time, he opened the Quilombo academy in the historic center of Salvador where, for several seasons, he taught dance and percussion classes to various musicians and students in general from all over the world.

With different projects, she participated in national and international tours and settled in Barcelona in November 2006. She began to work at the Bailongu school, where he gave Afro-Brazilian dance classes, as well as numerous workshops in different schools in Barcelona and various conferences. At that time he also assumed the artistic direction of the band Luta sem Pausa de Mataró (Barcelona).

Other festivals in which he has participated: Sambeando (Córdoba), Festival Reperkusion (Monleón Magnoac, France), Festival Samba (Coburg, Germany), Lâcher de Percussion (Narbonne, France), Samba Syndrom (Berlin, Germany), Batuk’en fête (Pays de Gex, France), Carnabulia in Murcia, Afro Samba Festival (Hannover, Germany).

In 2008 he founded Ketubara, an Afro-Brazilian percussion band of reference in the current national and international percussion scene that incorporates dance in its shows. In 2016 he founded the second headquarters of the group in France: Ketubara 2.

Alex Rosa is also the founder of the Tambores do Mundo project that facilitates courses and activities in Salvador de Bahia for percussionists and dancers from all over the world.

In 2016, together with Patinho Correia (from Ilê Aiyê) and Reizinho do Rei (former singer from Ilê Aiyê), he founded the Bahia Afro Groove project to present repertoires of traditional Afro samba and samba reggae songs on stage as well as new compositions based on rhythms. Afro-Brazilian percussive and sung in the pure style of Bahia’s Afro Bloco.