Get to know the two performance formats we offer. Both formats have different proposals for adapted costumes and can be complemented, upon request and occasionally, with more elements such as capoeiristas or dancers.

Ketubara Batucada

Street show based on percussive rhythms of recognizable Afro-Brazilian roots from Bahia (and other regions of Brazil) accompanied by careful and organized aesthetics.

The result is an injection of intense energy, strength and general joy that makes the public not resist smiling, dancing and applauding in parades, major festivals, festivals and different types of events.

Format suitable for:

  • Outdoor spaces: parades, major festivals, popular correbares, festivals, inaugurations, wedding aperitifs in open spaces, sports events
  • Indoor spaces: dance floor openings at weddings, family celebrations, conventions, inaugurations, corporate events, private parties
Ketubara Batucada Barcelona en pasacalles populares
Ketubara Batucada Ketubara Batucada animating the Carmel Trade Festival 2023 in Barcelona
Ketubara Batucada playing for the start of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona in 2022
Ketubara Batucada in wedding celebrations
Ketubara Batucada in Barcelona DownTown during the major celebrations of the city

Ketubara Show Band – stage

Group of between 5 and 8 percussionists with a specially selected repertoire to be played accompanied by voice on stage, which implies more specific technical requirements (sound desk, voice monitor, etc.). This format presents traditional samba and afro samba themes and adds current themes from current Brazilian music.

Format suitable for:
Music festivals and programming of events with stage

Ketubara Show Band during the Samba Reggae International Festival in Barcelona
Ketubara Banda Show during the Samba Reggae Festival in Barcelona
Ketubara Banda Show in +KSamba Festival in Mallorca