Batucada and samba school in Barcelona

The Ketubara school – commonly called Ketu Escola – regularly organises courses and workshops to initiate to percussions or dance to anyone interested in the world of the Brazilian batucada in Barcelona.


In each course, different basic techniques, rhythmic bases, cuts, structures and choreographies are learned. We provide the instrument and the rest of the necessary material to carry out the activity.

Make sure you bring water and try wearing comfortable clothes as you will be sweating during the lesson!

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Clases de samba y animaciones

During these courses, you’ll learn to dance Brazilian rhythms such as samba variants (Roda samba, Hard samba, Cançao samba, Afro samba), Axé, Lambada, Afro-Brazilian, Ilê aiyê dance among others.

Did you know that music is a neuropsychological therapy?

It is proven to improve language, memory or behaviour skills. Percussion, specifically tones and modulates the internal rhythms of the body, affirms physical self-security, helps relaxation and meditation, improves concentration and memory, is energizing and can serve to contain emotions.

Music is a way of expression, and a consequence of that is good self-esteem. Teaches youth and adults to overcome fear and take risks, provides security and self-confidence. If you are part of a group, practice improves teamwork (to achieve a single goal) and discipline: for a band to sound good, the group must work in harmony. Encourage commitment to learn, attend rehearsals, and practice at home.

You will see that learning to play the drum in batucada format will be one of the best experiences of your life!